Welcome to Configure Express Queen Street

Welcome to Configure Express Queen Street

Summer is here.  Join this month and get the Summer Body you always wanted, Join for 6 month 12 month and 24 months, the loger your membership the cheaper the rate.  Configure Express Queen Street, we are here in the centre of the City, Why not pop in before work, during your lunch or after work, our freindly staff will greet you with a smile and show you how easy it is to work off 500 calories in just 30 minutes, we are having a biggest loser challenge in February. the ladies lost 150kgs last year,  

Still not sure, Pop in for a free class then decide  

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The Next Step in Women's Fitness Has Arrived... Functional Express (FX) Team Training is a combination of functional exercises with cross-training style workouts, creating the best toning and fat-shredding workouts yet! What is Functional Exercise? Functional exercise focuses on building a body capable of doing real life activities. It uses full body movements that mimic daily living patterns, teaching the muscles to work together in synergy. This results in strong, lean muscles especially the abs and back, better balance, posture, and joint stability, while minimising future injuries What is it about cross training that has everybody raving? Cross training combines the effectivenes of many training methods to create a workout that is varied, intense, multi-joint, full body and functional. Workouts can be shorter or "express" as they evoke a maximal response from the body, encouraging fast results. We have beginner sessions (Fundamentals) that teach the base exercises for FX Team Training. See the timetable for both Fundamental and FX session times.

What Do We Offer At Configure Express Queen St?

We specialise in women's weight loss and toning. We have over a large number and variety of classes, and offer 30-minute fast-result workouts to get you in shape without taking too much time out of your day. Our staff are highly qualified, friendly and all female. Our changing facilities are clean and modern and have fabulous showers with body wash, hairdryers, A hair straightener and an iron. Effective Proven weight-loss programmes combining nutrition and exercise. Latest equipment and training techniques to maximise results. Convenient In the heart of the city at 105 Queen St Express workouts: 30-minute classes and fast-results workouts to fit into a busy schedule (Don't mistake express for easy!)

Over 40 classes a week with times and variety to suit everyone

Over 25 gyms for the price of 1 (Conditions apply)

Supportive Friendly, women-only club

Help you get started with 4 FREE training sessions on joining

Keep you on track with personal training sessions every 6 weeks

Opening Hours Monday - Friday 6am - 7.30pm Saturday 9am - 3pm Sunday 9am - 1pm

Queen St Class Timetable

Bookings and extra charge applies for Topride classes only. No bookings necessary for other classes; please turn up early to ensure a place in the class

Functional Express (FX) Team Training Timetable

Contact Us

Configure Express
(09) 309 8450
Guardian Building, 105 Queen Street
Auckland CBD

Configure Express was established to encourage New Zealand women to go to the gym. Many women are busy with work, with their families, with relationships, friends, and daily routines. Configure Express realizes that free time for many New Zealand women is limited and so getting healthy and fit often becomes a dream. Configure Express wants to make it as easy as possible for women to get fit and healthy and to make their dreams a reality. Configure Express takes the gym to women, not women to the gym.